Jenna moonlight dating sim presents

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Jenna moonlight dating sim presents

The game then matches you with a guy to be your "date" for the day.

If you're not happy with the bachelor you unlocked, you will have to wait until the next dsy in order to retake the quiz.

Instead, you are free to talk to and date potential love interests.

However, they don't actually attach to anything so you'll have to really have to consider where to position them so it doesn't look awkward.

The next section contains smiley faces which, like stickers, may be placed anywhere.

This is a fun game to pick up and play if you are bored and need something to keep you occupied for a short while.

Dial for Love 2 is almost exactly the same as the original save for the vast improvement in the graphics department.

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Though it is limited in number, this is certain our favorite addition to the design aspect of the game.