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This song is not acapella by any stretch, but could be illustrating that acapella doesn’t equal solo It’s about the overvaluing of a partner’s wealth in society, along with the sexist beliefs from today’s dating culture.

One would think spending all that time together may get a little tiresome, which they admit it sometimes does, but Karmin wouldn't want to experience their incredible journey with anyone but each other.nick had to quit his job that week and we flew to california to do the ellen show- that was our first 'oh shit' moment First of all I love the new album. Was it a difficult the process of breaking from your label to work on the genre/sounds you guys wanted to create? yes and no- the hardest part about leaving the label was everyone telling us we were crazy to want to leave a major record label.Every song has such a unique sound to it and I can't figure out which song is my favorite. Were you unhappy in the way your music was being shaped? but we knew ourselves that we had to get out to start creating everything on our own again.I would say you should listen to Alabama Shakes if you haven't already.Their combination of musicianship and rawness that they put in their shit is amazing.

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In that time, we've watched Karmin go from posting low-budget covers on You Tube (that were often, ahem, even more hummable than the original versions) to hitting the stage of Saturday Night Live.