Kim kardashian dating older men

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Kim kardashian dating older men

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PHOTOS: Kim and Reggie: The way they were A source says Kardashian, 29, is taking things slowly.

"They are dating," says a source close to her, "but she doesn't want to rush anything." Another Kardashian friend tells Us, "Kim wants to date someone who gets her busy lifestyle."VIDEO: Kourtney and Khloe get in an ugly catfight Meanwhile, fans probably won't have to worry about Kardashian bringing bad luck to the Dallas Cowboys, like the so-called Jessica Jinx of 2007, when Jessica Simpson dated the team's quarterback Tony Romo.

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A lot of my friends, people that I love to just sit and talk to and spend time with, are wiser and a little bit older than me. I love that my friends are sometimes 20, 30 years older than me.