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If i receive my payment all the material will be destroyed and you will never hear from me again.

Scare tactics are often used to threaten the user in the hope that they will hand over funds.

The cybercriminals generate a threatening email, the more threatening the email; the more likely people are to fall victim to it!

In this case, they have used watching porn as a way of humiliating their victims. If they have listed one of your passwords within their email, it is likely that they’re using this as an attempt to make you feel like they have evidence against you.

Surely if someone did have a video recording of you, they would send it to you as this would be proof. Unfortunately there are lots of people who feel so threatened that they pay the money.

The more vulnerable they make you (the recipient) feel, the more likely they are to receive their ransom request of payment. We have listed below some common Google searches of these email scams, which we are seeing traffic for: Email scams are becoming big business for cybercriminals and with the rise of anonymous currency such as bitcoin the bad guys often can’t be traced.

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How and why have you received this threatening email?

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