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I don't know when I'm going to get to see you again, you're always so busy with school... You have now idea how much I need this after only having sex with your Father for the past week. I know you don't care, but I always want to look good for my favorite boy...Some of these are from Karee, some of them are from me. Bring a soccer ball and watch your little guy turn from mommy lover to goddess worshipper in five minutes flat. But actually, the beach, desert, or even a nice park would work fine.

I have no doubt he will end up being a professional pilot. How cool would it be for your toddler to see the “big boys” play and learn that he, too, can one day play on the field. Stick some pots on your heads and head to a local orchard for good ol’ apple-pickin.’ Tell him that the only way to get the good apples is to sing the Johnny Appleseed song while you pick, “The Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord for giving me the things I need, the sun and the rain and the appleseed, the Lord is good to me! My friend, Sue, over at the Spin Cycle wrote an amazing post about running with her son and teaching him how to lose. This is one that I included in my original Mommy-Daughter Dates post.

I want my son to be a good athlete, just because I have that competitive mother-pride in me. Dress up, give him a wallet with money, and have him open the doors for you. I think it’s a perfect date to share with both daughters and sons. Settle in for a wonderful time enjoying beautiful nature.

But more than that, I want him to be a good team player. Go down the slides, climb through the tunnels, and wow him with your mad monkey-bar skills. If the weather’s warm, have a water-gun war and call truce with popsicles. I would go somewhere like Chick Fil A or a nice deli so that you won’t have to wait around very long for your food. You’ll probably get a little kumbaya–but that’s ok.

My pain-numbed mind made a note to think on it later. He says, “You’re pretty, Mama” and it means I’m the most beautiful woman in his world.

I never said anything like that to my first-born, my daughter. He dazzles me with his charm, but doesn’t try to play me…yet.

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When he gets older I am definitely going to have him take riding lessons and that will be another date option for he and I. This is a great opportunity to teach him about money, and consider other peoples’ interests.