Movies about dating violence

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As a parent, you have had at least one – if not more – relationship from which you can draw experience, knowledge, and wisdom.Relationships are hard work and require a lot of effort to be successful.However, it is incredibly important to that will affect relationships for years to come.Unfortunately, teen dating violence is a serious issue that affects thousands of teens across the country.Teenage years are a time when fundamental understandings of life really begin to develop.

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by Bri & Nicole, loveisrespect advocates Here at loveisrespect, we often talk with people who are experiencing abuse in their relationship, and they want to determine why their partner is being abusive towards them.

Sometimes this search for “why” leads them to believing that their partner is abusive because they experienced child abuse or went through some other form of trauma in their past.

Your teen, whether they have been dating for a few years or just testing the waters, are relatively new to relationships and have a lot to learn.

Try to relate to the difficulties your teen may be experiencing in his or her relationship by confirming that you understand how much energy – both emotionally and mentally – a healthy relationship requires.

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You can help teens recognize unhealthy, violent, or negative dating relationship behaviors by setting positive relationship examples.