Muslim dating rules

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In places where most women seem to be wearing look-alike full-length dark coats, they give careful attention to differences of style, material and buttons, and subtler colour variations.In Asia I watched TV programs showing how to tie headscarves as trendy fashion statements.They also talked about how to live godly lives in the pressure of the world, or with spouses, who weren’t religious.are often more ready to chat with me than women in western dress.And defiled conditions affect women much more than men (any kind of emission from the body, whether solid, liquid or gas, is a cause of impurity).

Careful washing rituals are the means to restore purity.Moreover, women become impure for a week each month. But the people in Jesus’ day constantly thought about purity and requirements for washing before religious duties.It means a lot to tell our friends about Mark 5, where Jesus heals from unclean spirits, and how he isn’t defiled by the woman with the flow of blood.In some places this includes fear of others’ envy, or the ‘evil eye’ that can bring bad luck.I have friends with Ph D’s from Western universities, who use a blue bead for protection against the evil eye. A common quote from Muhammad says, In conversations, stories are often used to make a point or solve a problem.

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