Nadia bjorlin dating history

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Nadia bjorlin dating history

Meanwhile, Nicole's sister, Taylor Raines (Katherine Ellis) comes to Salem and befriends Eric and Lucas uses the relationship to keep Nicole and Eric apart so he can have her for himself.

Taylor catches on to Lucas's schemes and skips town while Nicole agrees to marriage in exchange for million leaving Eric devastated and running him out of town.

Victor and Nicole eventually marry on New Year's Eve in 2002 only for Nicole to fake his death with the help of Jan Spears (Heather Lauren Olson), leaving Nicole as the wealthy grieving widow who has fallen for her step grandson.

When Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) takes the money away from her, Nicole decides to help Sami regain custody of Will.

Also, a brief cancer scare forces Nicole to realize the error of her ways.

Nicole learns that Stan is actually Sami in disguise and threatens to expose her.

However, Sami exposes Nicole's schemes instead and Brady kicks her out of his life believing she was behind Chloe's "death." Nicole later goes into business with Sami and Austin Reed (Austin Peck).

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She shares a brief reunion with Eric and divorces Lucas.

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