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Sometimes, listening to steamy music while having sex will actually aid the act. Redecorate – You can think about what colors to repaint your rooms or how to redecorate while having sex.The trick is to make sure you do not lose focus on your body while at it. Make a list – In a fast paced city, there are always things that need to get done.

For instance, you can do a thing or two in the bedroom while waiting for the rice to boil.

Baro said he wouldn't feel safe returning home even if gay sex was decriminalized, as things don't change overnight.

The memories are still fresh: being punished as a child for "acting like a girl," being kicked out of his home in his teens, facing physical attacks and the threat of arrest after launching a gay music video.

This way, you get to have a shower and still get intimate in the same frame of time. Watch television– If you are one of those busy couples, you can catch up on your favorite shows while getting sexually intimate.

The good thing about television these days is that you often do not need to see the action.

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"The Court of Appeal should revisit this ruling urgently." HRW said in its statement that Kenyan activists were already planning to appeal the ruling."Kenya has missed an opportunity to take a clear stance against discrimination," HRW quoted Njeri Gateru, director of the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, as saying. The same report said the death penalty could be implemented for consensual same-sex sexual acts in at least 10 nations.

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