Naked icelandic girls

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Naked icelandic girls

For her series ‘Heima’ (‘Home’), Icelandic photographer Hekla Flokadottir explores the relationship between humans and nature with her sweeping landscape photos featuring nudes amidst the Icelandic countryside.

Picture by Maria Eklind - Wikimedia Creative Commons For this reason, the women of Iceland took to social media, posting pictures of intentional nip-slips to help show their friends and followers that they were hiding nothing frightening, dangerous or even that particularly interesting inside their bras.There was an existing tradition of rolling naked in the morning dew to secure luck for the year to come.This has been practised throughout Icelandic history by those unaffected by Christian influence.Since 2010, it has been the policy of the government that no person’s body is a commodity and, therefore, those who strip for a living must leave a fair amount to the imagination of their patrons.This was part of a wider crackdown on prostitution and the sex trade, where those who purchased the services of an escort or else was a ‘pimp’ would face charges, but not the escorts themselves.

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