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New black panther party intimidating voters

Thus, if the two men were lawfully invoking their Fifth Amendment right, that means that they were conceding that their actions not only violated the Voting Rights Act — which is a civil matter — but might also subject them to criminal prosecution. C., never even appeared for his deposition when subpoenaed.

Hill added that the poll watcher was afraid to testify before the commission or in the original voter-intimidation case because “he lives in that neighborhood.” Hill was called a “white devil” and a “cracker,” and was told he would be ruled by the black man the next day, and he would have to get used to “living under his boot.” Hill saw several voters, including two elderly women, stop abruptly as they were walking up to the polling place when they saw the two Panthers standing right in front of the door.

The hearing started with brief opening statements from the commissioners.

Then all the depositions and other evidence gathered by the commission were entered into the record.

The voters turned around and left; they said they would “come back later” to vote. And Hill and Mauro were there for only a short time.

There is no telling how many other voters had left without voting that morning before Hill and Mauro showed up at close to noon.

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In fact, there is nothing the New Black Panthers have ever said or done to suggest that they don’t believe what they did was intimidating to people they hate. These were the three men who had attempted to protect prospective voters in Philadelphia on Election Day.

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