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If you are walking through the desert, you may be willing to pay a lot more for that bottle of water because its value is now much higher than the cost. Spending a few extra dollars for a photographer who takes an outstanding photo and gets you the acting role of a lifetime is worth more to you than the measly cost of the gig.

You should purchase photography services (and anything else you buy) based on value not price. Stock Photography Pricing One final point, regarding stock photography pricing.

There are many websites now selling stock photos, many for as little as a dollar per photo.

There is a lot to be said that goes beyond this article but essentially, keep in mind that when you purchase stock photos, it is also not just a matter buying “some guy’s pictures.” Frequently the photos took hours of the photographer’s time, from set-up to uploading to the stock photo selling website. The Digital Photography Services Price List It’s impossible for me to tell you what to pay as there are so many different factors involved.

It involves setting up the equipment in advance, blocking off time for the photo shoot itself, uploading the photos and going through them after the shoot, digital touch-ups to the photos chosen for printing, burning the photos onto CDs, bringing them to the photo lab, returning to the photo lab the next day to pick them up and then waiting for you to pick up your prints or mailing them to you.

You may have lots of time on your hands but you should always be aware that photographers are busy running a business.

That’s why professional photos look professional and the photos you took using your aunt’s camera with your closet, computer desk, wall, bed, and carpet in the background of a poorly lit photo will not look all that great.

Stock photos are those that photographers amass and sell.

It could include a visit to the zoo or photos of an office building.

You benefit from the latest professional technology being used in the photographs, and used properly at that.

Next, the time it takes to produce your one headshot is more than the actual sitting session.

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If they do choose to hire one, they must evaluate the great photos in their online portfolios and decide who they can afford.

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