Objectdatasource updating event args

Posted by / 16-Jul-2020 22:12

In my web page, I've got a Grid View control that is data bound to an Object Data Source. In the event handler for on Updating, the event args object has a cancel property.

When this happens, I would like the row that was being updated to remain in the edit mode.

But when inserting into the database, I might get an error. But how do I return some data back into the aspx file?

The Update Method of the ods is a function that returns an integer and I can get the integer value from the Object Data Source Status Event Args in the ods Form_updated event in my code-beside page.

But what about the Output Parameters of the Object Data Source Status Event Args?

event, you can examine and manipulate the values of the parameters and perform any additional preprocessing that is required.

Any changes to the parameters in this dictionary will affect which method overload is called for the operation.

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what i'm saying is that i'm under the impression that you're trying to create instances of the type defined by the dataobjecttypename.