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On Jul 31, 2010 Toby Games (6.9m subs) was launched and became known for the Happy Wheels and Minecraft series.The channel today receives on average 40k views per video although more popular games can reach up to 150k views.Although, MDMA is a Class-A drug which could land Toby in prison for up to 7 years for possession or 25 years for supplying it to April and other ex-girlfriends.Amelia claims in her video that but claimed it was a test to see if she would burn his house down.He was also creating a large number of videos featuring his talking dog Grphon for a series of TV adverts for Cartoon Network and also appearing on Dane Boe’s Cartoon Network show titled “The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange” as Nerville.

Turner's Literal Trailers series is also one of his most popular, earning him mainstream recognition from CBS News, who described his rendition of the Dead Island trailer as "amazing" and "hilarious", designating it for a new series of comedic Let's Play videos.According to Google Trends the channel peaked in popularity at around June/July 2013 during the time he was creating a lot of high quality content including his very popular “Tobuscus Adventures” animated series which received up to 13m views per episode.It was around this time that his i Phone game “Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards” received 4k (£453k) in funding (0k original goal) on Indie Go Go.Toby has since denied the allegations but April has doubled down.This is roughly a year after the allegations against Sam Pepper. which aligns with her story that their relationship was kept quiet.

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One of Turner's earliest popular videos is "Don't Tase Me, Bro!