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Parenting dating violence

But it is not surprising to them to see more teen girls initiating the violence.

In the second study, drug and alcohol use, low parental monitoring, academic difficulties and involvement with antisocial peers were also significant early risk factors for perpetration of dating violence in late adolescence.

Teens today are involved in intimate relationships at a much younger age and often have different definitions of what is acceptable behavior in a relationship.

Violence is something that is all too common and according to researchers at Iowa State it is a reflection of the relationships teens have with their parents or their parent's partner.

Researchers found family stress, both emotional and financial, during adolescence is another predictor of intimate partner violence, but only when people are in their late 20s or early 30s, not during the teen years."Beyond parenting, I think it starts with peer skill building and peer development.Adults can start by explaining appropriate things to say to other peers and that you don't call peers names.Teenage girls and the definition of violence Perception and gender also factor into the cycle of violence.In a second study, Lohman interviewed teens in low-income neighborhoods in Boston, Chicago and San Antonio and found an individual's perception made a difference in how violence was reported.

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Tricia Neppl, coauthor and an assistant professor in human development and family studies, said there could be several reasons why.

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