Partner dating friend amare

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Karla goes to a bar and meets her old husband, she gets very nervous and decides to leave.Lucia and Jacobo kiss for the first time in a river.Renata decides to resign because she can no longer support the relationship with Guillermo.Bárbara and Beltrán find a man who, like him, is a reborn man.

El Chino is still trying to discover why he is in the body of another man.Lucía is interrogated by a detective about León's death.Lucía arrives at Grupo Carvajal to take the place left by León, but Eva will not allow Lucía to take her father's businesses from the family.Guillermo sees an interview of Mayela assuring that they are in a relationship and he gets bothered with her.Beltrán tells Barbara that he has to kill Alacrán or he will kill Lupita.

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León leaves Chino's family and flees to Mexico, after learning that his funeral takes place, observes the suffering of his family.

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