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I just want to say as the newest purchaser of DS that I am very impressed with it.Firstly the support received has been very good but most of all the actual script itself is leaps and bounds better than anything else. Over the years I have used the old e Meeting (now Advandate) script and been building a member database and learning PHP ect developing the script.Well when v13 came out they had removed the white label feature because it obviously saved the new owners from doing the extra work to make it work with the newer versions of the software.

This means that Pg Dating Pro features are completely customizable and extendable.The screenshots below will give you a preview of how the admin demo looks like and what kind of features an online demo has.PG Dating Pro is the winner of i Date Awards in the Best Dating Software Provider category in 20.So then I went back to Advandate and purchased a new license with them to get the latest version of their software.They told me v13 was coming out soon so i purchased it expecting to set up a white label site and seperate sites working off my main database using the WLD feature of the older software.

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