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It’s nearly impossible to remain detached from such problems once a couple is united in a remarriage.Often the family situation is still more challenging when you marry a divorced person and bring a child who has been living with the ex-spouse into your new home.Conversely, if your mate had a lingering illness and you went through a partial process of grief before his or her death, you may be comfortable in remarrying in less than a year.If this is true, the timing of your marriage may be of secondary importance. That is because she had four adult children and I had three.Be sensitive to their grief over the loss of the deceased parent. Avoid recommendations about child-rearing to your intended at this stage.If his or her children make you uneasy for any major reason, have a serious conversation about your feelings.The most logical step is to discuss your children’s reactions with your pastor, a counselor, and trusted friends who will keep the children’s misgivings confidential.

If possible, let all the children in both families get acquainted before any marriage plans are announced.

As part of the research for writing this [article], we interviewed survivors who have married so we could list criteria to consider before remarrying. If you have difficulty resolving any of the questions posed, you need to examine your reasons for remarriage and your overall goals.

The questions below are not listed in any order of importance.

Some children may be negative toward any relationship you enter.

They may still be economically and emotionally dependent on you as a parent. A few people find it difficult to make adjustments in their life and always prefer the status quo.

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After your spouse has been deceased for a period of time, you may think about the possibility of remarriage.

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