Polynesian dating customs legally validating a debt

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Polynesian dating customs

Wakea introduced the "sin" (hewa) of mating with many women when he took three wives, and his wife Papa in revenge took eight husbands.

After this time unions took two forms, one in which men and women took many mates and one in which they had only one mate.

Children were also passed on to relatives or friends who had no children. Liliuokalani was the hanai child of chiefs of higher rank than her parents.

In her biography she reports that hanai "is not easy to explain...

In ancient Hawaii, marriage between a man and a woman, called ho'ao pa'a, was a lasting relationship.

A man did not leave his wife nor the wife her husband.

The custom of hanai was strongly condemned by the missionaries.

They couldn't understand the looseness of natural family ties.

Hanai was the kanaka maoli custom whereby a family adopts a child given by someone else and raises that child as a family member. (In old Hawaii there was no writing.) No stigma was attached to being "hanai." The practice of hanai was used to ensure that the Hawaiian culture was passed on to the younger generation.The claim of the grandparents upon their grandchildren took precedence over the claim of the parents who bore them.The parents could not keep the child without the grandparents' permission.If so, the couple began a period of preparation for marriage, learning skills and the value of work to prepare them for living together.When that was completed, the parents of the boy and girl commanded them to take care of each other, they embraced (honi), and they became husband and wife.

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I have heard of a person who was brought into a Hawaiian family at the age of 50, a definite expression of aloha.

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