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For subsistence they were dependant primarily on the produce of the sea, upon near and off-shore fishing, and upon shell fish and other coastal resources.Horticulture and domestic animals were fully exploitable only on high islands, and were meagre or in some cases absent altogether in atolls which were the predominant environment in Micronesia and in the Polynesian Outliers.The end result, which scholars have tried to unravel, is a vast mosaic of criss-crossing lines of influence and communication, some old and some new, which together have led to current distributions of peoples and items of cultural inventory.As the following chapters will show, to solve the problem of Polynesian origins, some account needs to be taken of them all.The current orthodoxy, while standing the test of time in most respects, is now in need of adjustment; musical evidence has not so far been taken into account; and some past ideas are worth re-visiting.The present book takes an historical view of the issues, summarising and evaluating theories of Polynesian origin from the eighteenth century onwards, providing some account of methodologies used by scholarly disciplines which have been brought to bear on the subject, and data so gained, including evidence from music and dance, which forms the core of the book.Bougainville spoke of willing women in Tahiti who were "quick to caress"; Tasman was attacked at what is now called Golden Bay in New Zealand and sailed away in disgust after naming it Murderers' Bay.

It is inaccurate to label these excursions as migrations except cumulatively over a period of time.Captain Cook saw flotillas of canoes in Tahiti, on one occasion in 1778 of war canoes (Bellwood 1978a:298), and on another bearing 'Arioi entertainers to adjacent nearby islands, and Maori oral tradition speaks of a "Fleet" of seven canoes that were once thought to have brought the Maori people to New Zealand.But the flotillas seen by Cook were a local development of the Society Islands with no precedents in Western Polynesia, and the idea of a Maori Fleet has long since been discredited. European discovery of the Pacific did not begin until at least half a millennium after Polynesians had conquered the last frontier of this vast ocean expanse by reaching New Zealand. But it soon became apparent to me that it could make a significant contribution on issues that had occupied Pacific scholars for at least a hundred years, including the vexed question of "The Coming of the Maori" as articulated at this time by the ethnologist Sir Peter Buck (Te Rangi Hiroa), and further back still the origins of the peoples of Polynesia, whose remarkable history was equally the subject of debate.

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