Push and pull theory dating Site showing recorded sex chat

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But if you go back to being James Bond, she has to second-guess her decision.Another great thing to do at this stage, because she will be checking, is to put up pictures of you having fun with other girls on your Facebook. I think a person who believes in being mean to their partner is really just afraid to risk extending themselves because it naturally places them in an emotionally vulnerable state, which is when rejection is most devastating. She believes that in relationships and in general, we should all strive to make ourselves a pleasure to be around.

Once you let her stew in this for a while, she will be wondering why you did not have the emotional response that she was hoping for.

“If you pull away, they’ll follow you, but if you get closer, (‘Honey! Of course we aren't perfect and we both screw up at times (sometimes we REALLY screw up) but we make it our main priority to always be kind and that in of itself is worth so much. I have read John Gray's book and various blog advice posts from him and they all irritate me massively because 80% of them persists in telling women how men think and feel, and how basically women should learn to control themselves, stop being 'needy' and ignore their feelings of hurt and rejection when her object of desire 'pulls away'.

I know that I can't have anything which I am not willing to give, so to me the risk is well worth it.

That is, if you are crying and begging, this gives her more ammo to justify her decision.

After all, you aren’t quite acting like a man right now, are you?

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After this push, the next step and how to get your ex girlfriend back is to pull her closer, but not in the way you might think.