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Quotes on dating younger men

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It became a nuisance hearing what are the doctors saying, when you've explained you're conditions is pretty much permanent .

Since I still seem to have young persuers, I think possibly if I didn't have certain medical limitations, I might just be out there corrupting many a youngin. But seriously, I think as far as dating younger men it depends on the people involved and their similar values and expectations out of the situation. )People mature differently based on their life experiences.

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After 7mths I was done with that, I didn't want him to think there was more to it then it was, I was bored, and I wasn't looking for anything serious, I just got out of a 12yr relationship. We've been together five years and still going strong. When we first met, I wasn't interested in dating anyone, let alone a guy in his twenties.

I hope that you are interested in older women as long term relationship material, and not that you'd like to date an older woman casually and briefly for kicks.

I think that more older women would be keen on this combination, but the problem is that our society is very harsh on how women age.

2 years ago, I met someone, by chance, he is almost 12 years younger than me. Age should not be a factor, its about how you get along with eachother and maturity..has nothing to do with that! The one time i did foray into the "younger" category it just felt.....strange.

However my cousin, a man, ONLY dated OLDER women and he was quite sought after.

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