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Rascal1060 dating

As promised my dear readers, here is your second peek into life on the road with the wiley and ferocious March Fourth Marching Band.

We have now departed San Francisco, where we had a fun infused booty shakin dance party at the Independent Theater on Divisidero.

We decided to do our new stilt chair dance on stage, but once we got up there we realized that this may or may not go well.

We always hold our dance contest near the end of the show, once the rubes have been good and juiced up.

We announce that there will be a dance contest and then we scan the crowd for people who stand out above and beyond your average freak in the crowd.

In the end we gave the trophy to him and he rocked out with us for the rest of the song.

I was pleased with the choice and thought he was a well deserving winner of my finely crafted masterpiece.

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While the band was figuring out monitor mix and whatnot, I spent an hour or so on the bus crafting my finest trophy yet.

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