Ray j gets new reality dating show

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Sonja and Brandy try to figure out why their mother-daughter relationship is so strained, but answers don't come easily.On the business end, Ray J's priorities are called into question and he must decide whether to defend his ways or take a new approach." "The Norwoods feel they need to turn up the heat on some business projects but it's not easy getting everyone on the same page.And for some reason, Danger made a blog on her myspace about 2 weeks later claiming she was no longer pregnant.She did not give an explanation as to what might have happened or if she was even really pregnant to begin with.He introduces that special person to the family but not everyone in Ray's life is happy about it, and Ray begins to question if this is the right time to be in a relationship.Brandy is confronted with a decision that will change her life forever." "It's the day before Brandy's first performance on "Dancing with the Stars" and her nerves are getting the better of her.Having failed to make Brandy's last birthday special, Ray J feels the pressure to go big and pull out all the stops.But the thing Brandy is hoping for the most is for a certain guy to show up.

Willie tries to keep Sonja on the right track, but it's an uphill battle." "It's Brandy's 31st birthday and Ray J comes along to help her celebrate in Miami.Danger also says she is currently engaged to Nick Cannon’s younger brother.Ray J is also working on a soundtrack to his VH1 dating reality show.They have had a lot of success over the years, but along the way the one person they've depended on the most has been their manager Sonja, who is also their mom.Sonja wants the kids to start handling more of the behind-the-scenes business so that she can take a step back.

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