Reallfecam lna and maks

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Reallfecam lna and maks

Richardson had, in March, 1851, fallen a victim to the noble enterprise to which he had devoted his life, her majesty's gov- ernment honored me with their confidence, and, in authorizing me to carry out the objects of the expedition, placed sufficient means at my disposal for the purpose.

It may be possible to travel without arms in some parts of Southern Africa ; but there is this wide difference, that the na- tives of the latter are exclusively Pagans, while, along all those tracts which I have been exploring, Islamism and Paganism are constantly arrayed against each other in open or secret warfare, even if we leave out of view the unsafe state of the roads through large states consisting, though loosely connected to- X PREFACE.N E ^V Y O R K : HARPER & BROTHERS, PUBLISHERS, FRANKLIN SQUARE.Under these circumstances, I volunteered cheerfully to accom- pany Mr.As for myself, I avoided giving of- fense to tlie men with whom I had to deal in peaceful inter- course, endeavoring to attach them to me by esteem and friend- ship.Going sometimes on pebbly, at others on sandy ground, after five miles we reached the shal- low valley Uaghlaghen, running from east to west, and hand- somely overgrown with bushes ; and after another stretch of about the same length, we entered the range of mountains, con- sisting of remarkably cragged and scarred rocks, with many narrow defiles.

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The bottom of the plain was a broad and entirely naked level, with hard calcareous soil, surrounded by irregular, half-decayed hilly ridges.