Rude chat nz

Posted by / 20-Aug-2020 01:02

Showing empathy and good manners can turn the worst situation into a story with a happy ending.

This one might be painful, especially when a customer is a pain in the butt.

But since you’re working in customer service, you have to try to help every single customer, regardless of what you think about them.

Another thing is that if you don’t find the solution for a rude customer, he or she is going to get back, probably even more upset. So, listen to the customer and think about how you can help them.

If you don’t feel like you’re empowered enough to do something for them, don’t hesitate to call your supervisor.

Remember: the quicker you solve the problem, the faster unpleasant discussion will end. I know, it’s easy to say “relax” when you’re a bundle of nerves.

One comment, even one word can make you want to leave everything behind and become a jolly shepherd in New Zealand.

Maybe everything would end differently if not the fact that the representative did not bite his tongue.But before we get to dealing with rude customers, let’s talk about one sentence that you probably hear all the time.During my extremely short customer service career, I’ve managed to meet all kinds of rude customers.It wasn’t easy at first, but I learned how to clear my mind.I quickly noticed that when I was coming back, I was much calmer and more cheerful! Pretend that you’re not going back to the office and think about future plans.

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