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to larsl The nervousness the situation is Apparently on the consideration of two facts First, the block;,,;Montenetsj'o was unwillingly i, sorted to by the Powers, of the Triple Alliance, and only as a means of avoiding independent action by Austria against Montenegro. .— The answer of, the European powers to the note presented by the Balkan States oil April 6, regarding the terms of mediation proposed on March 24 by the powers, will be of such a nature, according to an inspired telegram to the Cologne Gazette from Berlin, as to accelerate the conclusion Of peace between the Balkan Allies am! The great Powers, the dispatch says, apparently .-weed alive upon the necessity of extending their naval blbctcftde of tile Montenegrin coast down mouth of the River Drin, in Albania, to prevent the landlnj? icke and his staff being at present engaged In surveys necessarily precedent to the laving out of the new trunk avenue.Second, that there la a growing agitation against oven SUCh a mild uu-h Sure of coercion l,i Russia, where H js declared that moie forcible measures of would be a crime and thai if Montenegro Is to be made a Boapegb&1 by Austria, war May inevitable. Ho far as at present Indicated this will be about one mile In length from the foot of Johnson Street, eighty feet in width, and represent the most modern and fully perfected methods in city street, construction.Trafwith the outside world has been fic Loaded u« A dispatch from Vienna to the Chroniclfl Jays that King Nicholas "f -Montenegro lias been sounded by the Powers as to whether he would accept financial compensation to the amount of ,(o0.000 to ,000,»00 and an additional strip peace. Austria, the dispatch adds, will object to the granting of more territory, and will not participate in any compensation is also learned that the Allies, who have financed Montenegro since the beginning of the war, will refuse to advance any more money.Providing — Necessary Transaction of Business, CALGARY.

The decision handed down M ne day earlier than expected. The agreement: have been duly is by the representatives of the several interests enumerated and to be now obtaining the careful consideration of the law offirs of the Province.An empty, passenger ear on a train from Waterloo to Klngston-onthe-Thames was destroyed by nre today.The other cars were filled with passengors, who were greatly alarmed and indignant at the danger to w Among the dehris they were exposed.reply that is to be made to the objections wines the Allies o Weria" to" th« basis for mediation as .proposed by the 'invers. 4 I conneetion with the development the former Songhees Reserve area the heart of Victoria city, hereafter lie the centre point of railway and Industrial activity for the Island, the Minister of Public Works and Hallways, In of in to Hon. Is losing no time in initiating preliminary operations so that as soon as the formal memorandum of agreement signed by the yartous interests directly affected chief among these belnwr the Canadian Paclflo and Canadian . have f Klth The that the calling of more troops was under consideration tonight, waa taken as an indication that A peaceable settlument was still a remote possibility.The concession to Bulgaria is acceptance of her proposal that the frontier of the ot toman Empire shall be a Straight line between Kirns iin.l Media, Instead of (following the course of the Krgene ana Murlf/a Rivers, as the 1'mver.s first suggested. Northern Pacific Railway (ompanies, the City of Victoria and —Investigating; — Charges Against Official. With over 300 miles of street car tracks to patrol, the .1,000 men under command of Brigadier-General Welch proved an ineffective policing fact If ' more troops are to be brought here, must be Issued by Governor the order Sulxer. The have Belgian movement appears to been planned with extraordinary the workers are determined, and in the Justice of their Cg Use, the resources at their disposal are considerable, and they have the practical, though unofficial support «f the lib- erals.

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