Schizophrenia and dating Adultdating sites in ghana

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Schizophrenia and dating

Schizophrenia unfounately can be very isolating, a lot of people suffer in silence.

What I have realised recently, is it doesn't HAVE to be that way!

We're still together 13 years later and have four kids. I find I have the same problem with meeting people now. My eldest is now eight, and yet in spite of her having been through nursery and school here I only really ever got to know one other mother. One thing I've been working on with my keyworker is the getting to know people thing.

Talking to him about it has helped a huge amount; and also I'm finding that if you try and ask questions rather than fighting to find answers it's easier to break teh ice with people.

"well actually I was suffering from Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective disorder" 9/10 people feel taken into a very personal confidence, and rarely do I find people take a negative attitude, other than perhaps as a reflection of my own negativity.

Working has been a great help to me, it has allowed me social contact, and the daily practice of social skill, we all had those when we were young kids, unless we were in the unusual position of very early onset of the condition.

so what did you do before, last year, why didn't you complete that degree (on CV) why haven't you had a job etc etc."well actually I was suffering from Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective disorder"9/10 people feel taken into a very personal confidence, and rarely do I find people take a negative attitude, other than perhaps as a reflection of my own negativity.

My advice if you have a girlffriend who doesn't know, well hey sell it to her. I think that it is so sad that people with an illness like this are made to feel ashamed of it.

You came to the right place to make friends who are going to be understanding about what you are going through. You will find people who can relate and people who just don't care about the illness that you have.

And if not Im possitive that there are so many people out there that can look beyond illness and want to date people for who they are.

Personally I have never recently allowed myself to be stigmatised. There is a stigma to the condition, but what most people forget is that the first person to experience that stigma is the sufferer themself.

I can't really help you with that one; I met my husband when I was 21, and since he was a psychiatric nurse on teh ward where I was a patient at the time the diagnosis was never an issue.

He met me when I was ill, and still wanted to know me. I know exactly what you mean; although I hadn't been diagnosed at that time I still found it incredibly difficult to get to know people (I always felt like I was having to feign interest, because it was so hard to do small talk, even with people I really wanted to date) and never knew what to tell them about me.

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Sometimes things can be tough, but there is light outside the cave of marginalisation, alienation, isolation, bla bla bla.

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