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Sex chat shanghai

The lady tells me in English it's 600 for one time. Then when I get off the phone she scowls at me for the 600. Then she bitched at me to give her an extra bill for her transportation.

Her face flushed, and she told him not to be that explicit. She said she would understand if he said he wanted to eat rice noodles.

Third, the bank has told all employees that MSN cannot be used for private chats. And in so doing the computer guys inevitably encounter employees' private affairs if the employees break the bank's rule of not using MSN for private purposes.

But private affairs haven't anything to do with the bank's business secrets, do they?

All the excuses the bank's computer guys offered were flimsy at best and mean at worst.

According to a lengthy report in the Shanghai Morning Post yesterday, the computer department offered three excuses as to why it has to monitor what employees say on MSN.

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