Sex dating in darien wisconsin

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Sex dating in darien wisconsin

A written statement to this effect shall be filed by the architect or engineer with the Building Inspector with the application for a permit. The plans shall show the present and proposed grades of the lot on which it is proposed to erect the building for which a building permit is sought and of the immediately adjoining property in sufficient detail to indicate the surface water drainage before and after the completion of grading.No permit shall be issued if the erection of the building and the proposed grades shall unreasonably obstruct the building and the proposed grades shall unreasonably obstruct the natural flow of water from the surface of adjoining property or obstruct the flow of any existing ravine, ditch, drain, or stormwater sewer draining neighboring property, unless suitable provision is made for such flow by means of an adequate ditch or pipe, which shall be shown on the plans and shall be constructed so as to provide continuous drainage at all times. No dwelling shall be erected nor shall existing provision for conveyance of water from the roof of any dwelling be altered or replaced unless provision is made to convey water from the roof of the dwelling in such a manner that such water will not, directly or indirectly, pass thence into the sanitary sewer system.The Building Inspector shall make a written annual report to the governing body of the municipality relative to these matters.No building or structure or any part thereof shall hereafter be built, enlarged, altered or demolished within the Village or moved into, within or out of the Village except as hereinafter provided, unless a permit therefor shall first be obtained by the owner or his or her agent from the Building Inspector.

The issuance of a permit upon the plans and specifications shall not prevent the Building Inspector from thereafter requiring the correction of errors in the plans and specifications or from preventing building operations being carried on thereunder when in violation of any ordinances of the Village or laws of the State of Wisconsin or lawful orders issued pursuant thereto.Whenever any false statement or misrepresentation has been made in the application for permit, plans, drawings, data specifications, or certified lot or plot plan on which the issuance of the permit for approval was based; Whenever there is a violation of any of the conditions of an approval or occupancy given by the Building Inspector for the use of all new materials, equipment, methods of construction, devices or appliances.The notice revoking a permit, certificate of occupancy or approval shall be in writing and may be served upon the applicant for the permit, owner of the premises, or his or her agent, if any, and on the person having charge of construction.At the option of the Building Inspector, plans, data, specifications and survey need not be submitted with an application for any building, structure or equipment, provided the proposed construction is sufficiently described in the application for the permit. All plans, data, and specifications for the construction of any commercial building or structure or for any construction in connection with existing commercial buildings and structures, other than one- and two-family residences, submitted with an application for permit, shall bear the seal of the registered architect or registered engineer.The plans shall also be stamped as approved as required by the Department of Commerce of the State of Wisconsin.

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After being approved, the plans and specifications shall not be altered in any respect which involves any of the above-mentioned ordinances, laws or orders, or which involves the safety of the building, except with the written consent of the Building Inspector filed with such application.

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  1. I was just trying to load the returned List to the grid view (BTW, could you also give me tips to properly apply the INotify Property Changed in a Three-tier architecture, if you don't mind) Mark Up: Also, is there a markup shortcut for these codes?