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Sexy chatbot

However, this approach is flawed, as some of the keywords can be used quite innocently.For example, let’s take one of the most popular abusive keyword that Mitsuku receives (sex):(genuine)I don’t want to warn the second user, as his question was innocent. When building your chatbot, you were so thrilled with the user experience that you expected users to flock to it in droves once it went live.Now you’re three months in post-live and practically banging your head against the wall when analyzing the user data. Many bots allow users to swear and abuse them and will respond with tame replies in which the bot does nothing to defend itself: From my experience, this approach only encourages more bullying of the bot, as the user feels they have a weak victim to pick on. Unless you are making an adult bot, this sort of behaviour is of no benefit in improving your bot’s responses and so we need to find a way to discourage these abusive users.

There were a few false positives where people had said innocent things and Mitsuku had classed them as insults but a bit of fine tuning easily corrected these.

Mitsuku gives a warning, produces a suitable reply and then classes them as an abusive user: The ADDINSULT category does three main things.

It keeps a count of how many times the user has called the category and bans their customer ID number when it reaches five.

If anyone was being genuinely mean, her sarcastic replies often shocked them and many suddenly started being friendlier towards her: As a bonus, people were sharing Mitsuku on various internet forums, as it was fairly unique for a bot to stand up for itself.

I never expect people to say please and thank you to Mitsuku but it’s nice to see them treat my work with at least a little respect.

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It displays a warning siren (pictured at the top) and also keeps a log of what the user said that triggered the category, as when I first introduced this system, I received several emails from people who said they had been banned for no reason.