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This was amazing since it was 1.5 hours dedicated to conversations.

For me the key was using it as often as possible, unapologetically, without caring how I looked or sounded. Cases (skloni) – we simply don’t have them in English and in the beginning, they can really take a long time to get your head around.

We will join God's work in the city of Velenje, alongside Randy and Joan Bell, to continue building His church there!

Signup for our newsletters by copy and pasting this address into your browser: QMSn T In March of 2016, we were sent on a vision trip to allow God to help confirm our calling to Slovenia.

The first time we came to Slovenia was part of a summer mission trip called Global Journey while we were still dating in 2012.

In England someone can call you “love” and it might sound like “loov” or “luv” but we understand regardless.

Here, if you misplace the accent slightly or if you pronounce something a little “unorthodox” you’re sometimes met with blank faces.

Even if it is just a few phrases to amuse your Slovene friends over a glass of wine. The hardest part is hearing: “Oh, but it’s easier for you, you are Polish”.

It sometimes takes away the satisfaction, but I learned to ignore it in the end.

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