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Sql updating primary key value

Some of the common ones are: In these cases, the UPDATE statement execution stops and the UPDATE generates an error.No rows from the UPDATE statement are saved into the table, even those rows that didn’t generate an error.There are three components to an UPDATE statement: Note: The Sales Person ID generated for your table’s rows may be different than what is show in the exercises, since this primary key is auto generated.The UPDATE statement is capable of updating more than one row. All rows returned via the WHERE clause criteria are updated.Rows are created when columns from one table match columns from another. This makes joins really great for looking up values and including them in results.

Keep in mind that when updating data in columns whose data type is CHAR, VARCHAR, or VARBINARY, the padding or truncation of data depends upon the SET ANSI_PADDING setting.

Below is an example of a simple select statement with an INNER JOIN clause.

Suppose you were asked to provide a list of all Adventure Works2012 product categories and subcategories.

The value is changed to ‘Kris ‘You can handle errors when executing an UPDATE statement using a TRY…CATCH construct.

There are several common reason an UPDATE statement may fail.

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If you want to keep all rows from both select statement’s results use the ALL keyword Both joins and unions can be used to combine data from one or more tables into a single results. Whereas a join is used to combine columns from different tables, the union is used to combine rows.