Stacy williams chula vista dating

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I'm not sure what our results were, but Julie didn't say anything about it, so I suppose it wasn't anything abnormal.

I will focus mainly on my weight struggles, but I also will post frequently on other things that come to my mind.I don't pretend to be all that smart, but I like to write about things I feel strongly about, right or wrong.O.k., here are the details about my three-week follow up visit to Julie Montgomery, H. (h.t., of course, for holistic therapist, but it sounds cooler when you say just "Julie Montgomery, H. I." )When my wife and I got to the office, Julie's assistant took our PH balance levels (which as I stated in my last post was vastly improved! You have to give a very small urine sample for the test, which used to be very difficult for me when I went to the doctor.Some of the problem areas that were found on our first visit had been cleared up.She still has to work on getting her immune system up, but she is doing much better.

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