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Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders may manifest multiple phenotypes, including motor impairments.

Buchman and co-workers measure expression of five cortical proteins in 1,208 brains, identifying a protein involved in both cognition and motor function.

We are looking for discussion-provoking critical essays that are well researched with evidence to back up claims, timely statistics, and connections between one’s personal experience and larger social forces. Nonfiction essays only, though we do not publish experimental lyric essays or anything that reads like a dissertation. If sending only a query, please include clips or writing samples.

Interviews with feminist culture-makers are welcome, as are book, film, and music reviews and nuanced analyses of particularly horrifying and/or inspiring examples of pop culture. If you have not written for us previously and are pitching a Feature or Dispatch piece, please send either a full draft or a 300-word write up outlining your article.

Past columns brought attention to white supremacy in the Harry Potter series, Cuba’s feminist future, and immigration reform protests in Texas.

Front of Book is a section with fun, short pieces that still carry the heft of feminist critique in an accessible format.

We’re looking for sharp-eyed perspectives on pop culture and the media, brimming with personal insight and wit.

Features vary in format: interviews, reported pieces, and critical essays are welcome, as are roundups and graphically driven formats like timelines, charts, and comics.

Our themes are intended to be nonexclusive jumping-off points rather than limiting factors, and below we’ve included a few key words that may help along your fabulous brainstorms.Recent features include a look at how women’s suicides became a cultural phenomenon, the colonization of ayahusca, questioning the perpetrator-victim binary in sexual-assault narratives, examining the Black-woman-as-savior trope, and celebrating a new literary renaissance of trans writers.Dispatches are 1,200-word missives from the front lines of underexamined or fictional worlds and places.This section has recurring slots such as Dispatches and Feminist Fill-In.Culture is where Bitch brands its cultural authority through essays about books, music, and screen; profiles of individuals and those who are creating and defining cultural moments; and interviews with those working in publishing, Hollywood, podcasting, and other areas who are helping us imagine new possibilities for representation and inclusion.

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