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Tajikistan dating site org

When the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation–Tajikistan began its work in late 1996, the country was in the final months of a five-year civil war that ultimately left tens of thousands of people dead, and displaced over a million people from their homes.

Remittances are one of the key factors that have increasingly supported growth and poverty reduction since 2003.

The main mountain systems are the Pamir-Alai mountain system and Tien Shan Range. The official (state) language is Tajik (which belongs to Indo-Iranian group and is considered a dialect of Persian language – Persian spoken in Iran and Dari spoken in Afghanistan).

From the year of adoption of Constitution of Tajikistan in 1994, Russian has an official status of the language of interethnic communication .

The earliest historic records on Tajikistan date back to about 500 BCE, when Tajikistan was part of the Achaemenid Empire.

In the subsequent periods, it was part of ancient states of Greco-Bactria and Sogdiana, Kushan Empire, Parthian, Hephthalite and Sasanid Empires, Arab Caliphate (7 The period from 1917 until 1924 can be characterized as a fierce military confrontation between the Bolsheviks , who came to power in Russia, and their local supporters, on the one side, and Basmachi movement, and representatives of the clergy, on the other side.

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Despite the fact that it has been undermined by the new Law “On State Language”, adopted in 2009, Russian is still used in business and social media.