Teaching about absolute dating who is katy johnson dating

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We did not order them by absolute age because we did not order them by their specific geologic age. Next, the teacher will provide each group with 4.6 meters of adding machine tape.If this material is not available, the teacher can use toilet paper or tape sheets of paper together until the appropriate length is reached. The students should label one end of the paper "Origin of Earth-4.6 bya (Precambrian Era)" (bya=billion years ago) and the other end of the paper "Today (Cenozoic Era)". The teacher should give each group the "Geologic Events-Life Forms' Absolute Age" handout (see attachments).

Students' answers to these questions should demonstrate the student's knowledge of relative and absolute age, as well as an understanding of the geologic time scale model created in the Teachers could identify students who require acceleration opportunities and appoint these students as group leaders for the collaborative timeline activity.

Lastly, students will use the time-scale model created with their group members to analyze events in Earth's geologic history.8 ) Develop a time scale model of Earth's biological and geological history to establish relative and absolute age of major events in Earth's history (e.g., radiometric dating, models of geologic cross sections, sedimentary layering, fossilization, early life forms, folding, faulting, igneous intrusions).

Student Materials (per student)Pencil/pen"It's All Absolutely Relative" Handout (see attachments)"Geologic Time Scale Model Reflection Questions" Handout (see attachments)Student Materials (per group)Scissors Metric Ruler Glue or tape"Geologic Events-Life Forms Cards" (see attachments)4.6 meters of adding machine tape, toilet paper, or another material cut to the appropriate length "Geologic Events-Life Forms' Absolute Age Cards" (see attachments)Teacher Materials Geologic Events-Life Forms Absolute Age Cards Teacher Key (see attachments)Website for Acceleration Intervention Activities"Geologic Time" from the University of California Museum of Paleontology at Berkley According to most scientists, the Earth is approximately 4.6 billion years old.

The teacher should begin by giving students the "It's All Absolutely Relative" handout (see attachments). The students will begin by ordering the events of their morning in sequential order (first, second, third, etc.). Next, the students will develop a "working definition" of the terms If students are struggling, the teacher can provide a hint: Putting the events in sequential order (first, second, third, etc.) is an example of relative dating while defining each event with an exact time is an example of absolute dating.

Then students will order the same events using exact times (ex. Note: The teacher may wish for students to work with a partner to write a "working definition" of each term. After the students have written their definitions of the terms, the teacher should provide the scientific definitions of the terms and have students write them on their handout. For the next portion of the lesson, students should be divided into groups of four to five students each. The teacher should give each group a copy of "Geologic Events-Life Forms Cards" (see attachments).

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Since this lesson serves an introduction to geologic time scales, including relative and absolute age, students do not need to have an understanding of these concepts before beginning the lesson.

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