The art and science dating game

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My guest today on the podcast argues that’s actually we’re setting a lot of people up for unhappiness and failure by not giving them a bit of advice on how they can have a successful dating and relationship life. They teamed up to write a book called Mate, all about the science of mating and dating.

It’s packed with research-backed tips on what guys can do to make themselves more attractive to women, the traits they can develop, authentic traits that will make them attractive and the traits that will help them have a happy, long lasting relationship, really interesting book. Today on the podcast, Geoffrey Miller and I talk about some of the research, talk about what you do to become more confident.

You need to understand what it’s like to be a woman to have a successful love life.The technology of mating is moving so fast like texting and online dating and the way that dates happen.Grandparents and parents don’t feel like their expertise is that relevant to young people even though a lot of it actually is because human nature doesn’t change that much.We talk about the traits that women look for in men. It’s about the science of dating and mating and relating and all that jazz.We talk about what you should look for in a woman depending on your relationship goals. You’re a evolutionary psychologist that’s written several books published in leading journals but you ended up partnering with Tucker Max on this book.

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We talk about how even the place you live can affect your dating chances and some things you can do to change that. I’m sure a lot of our listeners know him for his I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. Geoffrey Miller: Granted it sounds like a bizarre match at first glance but actually, Tucker’s a really bright guy, knows a lot of the science already.

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