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Google up Omegle stories and you’ll be astonished to see how teens are using it for blind dates and whatever the fresh hormones tell them to.

Your chat log can be saved and the link shared on the Internet, specially on social media platforms.

You can easily login using your Facebook Account and start chat session.

The site has some interesting features, you get the option to avoid nudity, automatically clear the chat box between each user and more.2.

A couple of weeks ago I came across a list of controllable webcams. He said it was like a common thing to get drunk and watch people shoplift and shit.

It was a whole list of links, each one leading you to a website that showed an open camera feed. Some places were in different timezones, and there was little you could see through the night. He said he actually started to try and locate the location of the store.

One cam in particular showed several police officers at somebody's front yard, then a few minutes later somebody was being carried out on a stretcher. But each passing day, I felt my curiosity creeping inside me. I went to bed later wondering about what could have happened. Whoever this person was, he knew his house was being recorded. I thought about posting the link and talking about it, but if that person was aware his house was being recorded, he was also probably aware of his link being shared. There's a camera somewhere showing a completely dark footage? I went to play some games to get my mind out of it. That person could have been killed, which would explain the police. I searched the internet for a while trying to find anything about it. What if I posted something and this person found out about it? He probably wanted the audience, and I decided to not give him that. I opened my snacks, had a couple of beers and after a couple of hours I had my mind out of this matter. The bedroom was very simple, with just a bed and a laptop on a desk. I bookmarked the link and would watch it every single day. It seemed to be in the same timezone as I was, given that our suns would set at the same time. The lights were always on, even though nobody was at home. There was something eerie about watching that house in complete dark. I clicked the bedroom camera to see if I could still listen to the sound. In the hallway camera, there was sound but it was much quieter. I could never catch anyone inside, but every day there was something slightly different about it. In the back of my mind I was actually concerned whoever lived in there was unaware their place was publicly visible on the internet. Their cameras were not controllable like some were (you could pan left and right on some of them, but not all). I had bought a couple of beers and some snacks, planning to spend the rest of the night on my computer. I looked through all three cameras again, trying to discern something, anything in the dark.

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But there was something so exciting about this forbidden spying. The TV in the living room was very similar to mine.