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Of course, then you'd be as silly as I am, just waiting to see when it finally stops updating for real.-- B Well, doing a Google search for the keywords "AVG 8.5", "sucks", "slow" brings up a not so rosy picture.

So I think at this point, unless I hear glowing reports about 8.5 from people here, I'll be trying out Avast.

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I guess it means it's time to move to Avast, or possibly install 8.5 with some tweaks? If I install AVG 8.5, will these instructions for installing/tweaking 8.0 work? »Re: AVG 8 Free Better Than 7.5 After Tweaking Just wondering where to go from here. I've only installed 8.x a couple of times, but I don't think it's as bad as it used to be; those instructions might no longer be necessary -- linkscanner, in particular, is opt-out.

You could just reinstall AVG Free 7.x without the bogus key -- the updates are still working right now.

I used the free trial key and it worked for several months.

When it expired not too long ago, I started using bogus keys to keep it active.

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It is among the best updater which can easily find updates for over one hundred and twenty-seven thousand (127, 000) drivers.

An updated driver means you will experience less system crashing and little or no problem with using your PC.

(A bit rude; I had to kill the process to make it go away without committing to either button; doesn't it look a bit fake too?

)So, there's a new end-of-life date for good old AVG 7.x (April 12, 2009), which was mysteriously and thankfully on extended support from its earlier termination dates last year.

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My AVG 7.5 just successfully updated its definitions this afternoon (April 18th) but then came up in an alert state for my license. Suddenly, today, it woke up to that fact and blocked it.

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