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Other policies that may warrant review and updating include confidentiality, reasonable accommodations, weapons, policies addressing the use of marijuana, and policies prohibiting discrimination against LGBTQ employees.Don’t let your employee handbook sit on a shelf collecting dust.If you notice anything that needs an update, take care of it ASAP. Employee handbooks are an often neglected and underappreciated company document.Make sure your leave policies are not inadvertently discriminatory. Given recent decisions and guidance from the National Labor Relations Board, such as the “Guidance on Handbook Rules Post-Boeing” issued June 6, 2018, employers can have increased confidence that many employee handbook rules that previously were ruled invalid will not be challenged under the Board’s new legal standard.The Board recognized that many of its prior rulings, which found certain civility rules unlawful, created a conflict for employers responsible for protecting employees from harassment.The laws differ as to eligibility, accrual rate, covered uses, and advance notice.This is one area where you might consider a supplement specific for certain states or localities, as a one-size-fits-all approach may not be preferable given the various locations of your offices or facilities.

In your employee handbook, you need to cover a lot of information in a clear, concise, and fair format that’s customized for your business.

The handbook should provide a brief description of employee benefits subject to eligibility requirements of the employee and the individual plan.

Don’t be careless with benefits eligibility based on part-time v. A good solution, depending on whether your company has many part-time employees, is to specify that that handbook only addresses benefits for full-time employees and then identify what part-time employees should do to understand their benefits.

This should come as no surprise, as allegations of workplace sexual harassment and the #Me Too movement have made headlines across the country.

Your company’s policy can help set the tone and expectation that your company is committed to maintaining a workplace free of harassment.

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Preparing, maintaining, and updating a handbook that reflects the policies of your company and your operations takes time and expertise.

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