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Updating iphone baseband

These are the changes: Two files were changed from the Apple logo to the i H8sn0w logo.Both are called and they are located in \ramdisk\usr\share\progressui\images-1x\ and in \ramdisk\usr\share\progressui\images-2x\.If you ever need to find an i Phone baseband version number, these instructions show you how to do that.You must load a patched i BSS/i BEC for this to work.As this issue is probably related to baseband chip corruption, the fixes below may not resolve it but it’s worth trying them yourself before attempting to send your i Phone to a repair center near you.This error occurs towards the end of the restore process which is also the same time when i Tunes writes or updates your i Phone’s baseband.

The purpose of these i Phone baseband upgrades is to improve the functionality of the cellular modem that is on the device, and the low level firmware (software) that is contained within the baseband.This would *THEORETICALLY* allow for not updating baseband without patches/jailbreak.A practical application for this is if someone absolutely needs to update to the latest firmware for work or other reasons, and can't as they must wait for Pwnage Tool to provide support.Using an original IPSW will not work, because redsn0w's pwned DFU Mode doesn't patch sigchecks in i BSS (which is loaded from the IPSW).One could hook the function Hook AMRestore Perform Recovery Mode Restore in the Mobile Device Library that i Tunes uses, overriding the restore options CFDictionary Ref object.

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All i Phones have a baseband, and i Phone baseband is essentially the cellular modem firmware that is on your i Phone.

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