Updating the nuvi 260w

Posted by / 06-Jan-2020 14:29

To get these warnings you'll have to go to Garmin's website, find the special Points of Interest (POI) files and install them onto the 260W.

Finding these files is a far from trivial exercise — there's no link from the home page, for instance — so, if you already own a Garmin device, check out our step-by-step guide on installing Garmin's speed and red light camera warnings.

Entering destinations is hampered by the fact that there's no option to change from the ABC on-screen keyboard to the QWERTY system we're more familiar with.

Overall In ease-of-use terms the Garmin loses in a points decision with Tom Tom's, primarily because of the missing QWERTY keyboard and the safety camera warnings which have to be loaded manually.

At the RRP we'd still plump for Tom Tom's second generation XL — thanks to its user map correction and sexier design — but you won't cry tears of pain if you go with the 260W instead.

This leads to streets popping in and out of view as you're driving along, making it difficult to determine how many streets away your next turn is.

Upgrading the unit's firmware via PC or bumping up the detail level up to maximum fixed that problem.

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And, as is the norm, routes are far from optimal but they'll get you to your destination.