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You can also copy-paste the following line into the address bar in Registry Editor, assuming you’ve updated to the Creators Update. If you don’t feel like diving into the registry yourself, we’ve created two downloadable registry hacks you can use.

One enables this option, preventing Windows Update from automatically installing driver updates.

Windows 10 automatically installs updates, including new versions of hardware drivers.

But you can block Windows Update from installing driver updates, if you like.

If you enjoy fiddling with the registry, you can make your own registry hacks.

RELATED: Rather than blocking all driver updates, you could instead choose to uninstall a malfunctioning driver update and block Windows 10 from installing it in the future.This is a pretty simple hack and as long as you stick to the instructions, you shouldn’t have any problems.That said, if you’ve never worked with it before, consider reading about how to use the Registry Editor before you get started.You can also schedule regular scans to keep your existing drivers up-to-date.With Driver Update™, you can keep your PC's hardware working like a pro!

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Driver updates may be bundled with security updates or feature updates, according to Microsoft’s documentation.

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