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And every day I get a message saying that the addon is out of date too so have to keep updating it over and over. i have a sugestion though can you perhaps make it so we can change the colors of the text i am a bit colorblind and green is one of those colors that is hard for me to see, would be awesome if you could add some kind of option to let us change the color of the text =) In reply to Hedich: Hi there, we actually do have a few options to help with controlling how things are colored.

You can view these by opening the addon configuration screen (such as by typing /rio when in game): - Use Simple Mythic Score Colors: this will colorize with just standard item quality colors based on the score - Disable All Mythic Score Colors: this will completely disable all colorization of the scores, and everything will simply be white text. As a returning player i can only say that whoever created this addon,i hope he gets a week long diarrhea,since it doesn't matter if i!

Otherwise, things seem to be running ok / as expected (US-Garrosh). Date: 2019-06-28 ID: 2Error occured in: Global Count: 1Message: ..\Add Ons\Raider IO\line 2433: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)Debug: [C]: pairs() Raider IO\core.lua:2433: func() Raider IO\core.lua:1934: Raider IO\core.lua:1929 Raider IO\core.lua:1964: ?

() Raider IO\core.lua:3017: Raider IO\core.lua:3017 [C]: Load Add On() ..\Frame XML\UIParent.lua:450: UIParent Load Add On() ..\Frame XML\UIParent.lua:696: Communities_Load UI() ..\Frame XML\UIParent.lua:930: Toggle Communities Frame() ..\Frame XML\UIParent.lua:817: Toggle Guild Frame() [string "TOGGLEGUILDTAB"]:1: [string "TOGGLEGUILDTAB"]:1Locals:(*temporary) = nil(*temporary) = "table expected, got nil" = defined =[C]:-1 Add Ons: Swatter, v8.1.6241 (Swimming Seadragon) Angry Keystones, v Auc Advanced, v8.1.6201 (Swimming Seadragon) Auc Filter Basic, v8.1.6228 (Swimming Seadragon) Auc Scan Data, v8.1.6229 (Swimming Seadragon) Auc Stat Histogram, v8.1.6230 (Swimming Seadragon) Auc Stati Level, v8.1.6234 (Swimming Seadragon) Auc Stat Purchased, v8.1.6231 (Swimming Seadragon) Auc Stat Simple, v8.1.6232 (Swimming Seadragon) Auc Stat Std Dev, v8.1.6233 (Swimming Seadragon) Auc Util Fix AH, v8.1.6235 (Swimming Seadragon) Bean Counter, v8.1.6236 (Swimming Seadragon) DBMCore, v8.2.1 DBMDefault Skin, v DBMStatus Bar Timers, v Deja Character Stats, v800r122 Details, v Details Encounter Details, v Details Raid Check, v Details Streamer, v Details Tiny Threat, v Details Vanguard, v Easy Frames, v Enchantrix, v8.1.6237 (Swimming Seadragon) Green Wall, v1.9.12 Informant, v8.1.6246 (Swimming Seadragon) Max Dps, v8.1.3.2 Max Dps Warrior, v8.1.1 Pawn, v2.2.42 Raider IO, v8.1.0 (v201906250642) Raider IODBUSA, v Raider IODBUSAR, v Raider IODBUSH, v Raider IODBUSHR, v RCLoot Council, v2.12.1 Simulationcraft, v1.12.0 Slide Bar, v8.1.6239 (Swimming Seadragon) Stubby, v8.1.6240 (Swimming Seadragon) Tom Tom, vv80200-1.0.1 Weak Auras, v2.13.1 Bliz Runtime Lib_en US v8.2.0.80200 Something Looks Bugged for me!

m over geared or rarely fail on encounters ,groups won't invite me since i don't have score yet, In reply to hungarianraven3: Agreed, though I'd argue it's more about people than an add-on.

Add-on is a great idea and a very good work, people relying only on it not that much. :p ) Would there happen to be a way to make the tooltip window smaller?

While it might be "first world problems", manually updating each component feels like something that ought to be avoided. If you could figure out some way to update the TOCs at once, that'd save trouble in the future.

Semi-transparent role icons indicate they have earned at least 40% of their overall score in that role.

You can view your personal M and Raid Progress profile when you open the Dungeon Finder.

This doesn't tell you anything about a players actual skill.

Someone can just buy a bunch of carries and get a higher score.

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Mythic tooltips have a lot of parts to them: Role icons included on Mythic tooltips can be thought of as badges earned by accumulating certain amounts of score while playing as that role.