Updating your g p s tomtom tina turner bryan adams dating

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You can then transfer those map files to your Nextar device, which should still be connected to your PC via USB cable, via the Naviextras toolbox software.If you're still holding onto a Nextar device from the turn of the century, you might have to settle for investing in a replacement.Given that there's no longer an official website to reach for support, you could be left without a refund.To update your Tom Tom navigation device, you need to install the My Drive Connect application on your PC or Mac computer. q=update my tomtom Usually an X on the screen indicates that your GPS (navigation) software is no good (corrupted, etc.).If you don't regularly update your Nextar GPS system, it might present you with directions based on an outdated map, which could easily lead you astray.So if you're still using a Nextar GPS, be sure to update it consistently so that its maps are current and navigation directions are correct.

She covers topics including environment, education, agriculture and travel.My Drive Connect is our free support application that helps you to manage your content and services on your Tom Tom navigation device. If Tom Tom support is not able / willing to help you to download and install the navigation software, you're likely out of luck.If you are able to re-install the navigation software (& map) and you are still getting the X on the screen (of your Tom Tom device), it may mean that the (storage) memory on the Tom Tom device is faulty.When the site's home page opens, look for a list of links inside the button on the right-hand side of the screen that reads, "Have any questions or need help?" Click the second link, which should say, "Is my device type supported?

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This takes you to the website's downloads page, where you can download the Naviextras toolbox. Connect your Nextar GPS to your computer using a USB data cable.

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