Validating of statements and facts

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Validating of statements and facts

Our work together over the past two months has been trying to figure out why. It’s not like anyone has died.”But sadly, Tom missed the boat.

I was on the phone with my mother, and she told me that her doctor’s appointment didn’t go well. His statement was intended to calm Karen, but instead it contributed to the pool of anger and rage that she already had toward him.

What Karen heard in his statement was, “You’re wrong to be so upset. You are irrational.” Karen’s anger toward Tom had built up over many years of such responses from him.

It refers to something that makes statements true and used in connection with research and study.

On the other hand, opinion is what a person believes or thinks about something.

In finer terms, a fact is a proven truth, whereas opinion is a personal view, that represents the outlook of an individual, which may or may not be based on the fact.

She felt immediately relieved, and never worried about it again.

My friend read postings by dozens of people who have had the same experience.

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Needless to say, my friend was worried on the verge of panic. It’s possible to go from panic to calm by simply being validated.

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