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What is coral dating

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This 1,000-pound coral grew near Bermuda for 200 years during the Little Ice Age.Radiating marks visible in the photo are grooves from the quarry saw that sliced through the coral.The coral changed its growth direction once in about 1650, and marine life eroded its surface, but scientists can analyze the coral's inner skeleton and decipher ocean temperatures during its lifespan.Fortunately, while a coral is growing it incorporates a lot of uranium, but no thorium.This means that as it ages its thorium/uranium ratio increases at a known rate.

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As 14C decays, the ratio of 14C to 12C in a sample changes over time. We measure the rate of radioactive decay with what’s called a half-life. This means that every 5,730 years, there’s half as much 14C as there was in the previous 5,730-year period.

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