White collar women dating blue collar chinese gay dating sites

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White collar women dating blue collar

During my time of smoking pot and doing nothing, I had a long term relationship of about 2 years with a VERY "typical" blue collar man.

I was 17 when we started dating and 20 when I left him.

Often something is physically being built or maintained.

In contrast, the white-collar worker typically performs work in an office environment and may involve sitting at a computer or desk.

(Photo: Disney)Money is a perpetual topic in married life.The emotions that are behind the posts, can be felt. A shortcut that everyone knows about is an absolute oxymoron. From Wikipedia, and reflective of my own experiences interfacing with both 'collars': A blue-collar worker is a member of the working class who performs manual labor.__________________ Democracy, the playground of the narcissist. Blue-collar work may involve skilled or unskilled, manufacturing, mining, construction, mechanical, maintenance, technical installation and many other types of physical work.Dont just ASSume that all blue collar guys cant conduct themselves in intellectual circles. It takes a whole lot more intellect to be a competent tradesman in these days of complexity and computerization.Most competent auto technicians and electricians can match wits with just about anyone.

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Most doctors or scientists I know start concentrating heavily in the Maths and Sciences from their freshman year on, which are fascinating subjects, but rather pin point in focus. At the end of the day for the most part society needs the blue collar folks more than most yuppies. I have a biology degree and have been running my own company(blue collar) for many years. FWIW, I have big strong hands because of what I do.

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