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Following his Tweet, the flood gates were opened, and chatting about homophobia became Twitter’s top agenda that day.So this is a major moment, ending Pride Month in the US with a massive statement.What ultimately made her feel happier was trading in her competitive-diver gear for some out as transgender to subscribers.The confidence to do so, she says, came from her interaction with the beauty community." data-reactid="29"Once she started experimenting with it, Gorgeous debuted on You Tube as Gregory Gorgeous, where she posted makeup tutorials and intimate blogs — including the video in which she would eventually come out as transgender to subscribers.The confidence to do so, she says, came from her interaction with the beauty community.“When I started You Tube, I was stealing a lot of my mom’s makeup.And experimenting with it made me feel really confident.Lil Nas X cut to the chase about the people who won’t support him anymore in his first tweet.

“I also had really great friends around me that supported me experimenting with makeup and just trying out new things.Yes, little loony tunes stopped mid-performance and demanded they stopped the music turned off the lights as he stormed off stage like a big brat.Of course, the 36-year-old rapper bounced back on the set rapping like nothing ever happened.And while she was able to find a passion for diving during high school, she admits that she still struggled to fit in.“I had really, really bad acne and I really suffered with it intensely,” she says.“I was also a diver, so I was basically naked every single night.”Her insecurities went beyond physical appearance at the time, as she admits that she already had thoughts about being either gay or transgender.

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